Refund Policy

We provide a pre-booked taxi service and we pre-allot every booking to a driver in advance, it is for the best experience for our customers. We don’t have a system in which a booking is entirely handled by a computer, we have dedicated controlling staff and a customer support center this is done to provide you the best experience as we know every passenger has different needs such as elderly or disabled persons, needing help with luggage or oversized luggage, customers needing child seats, etc. Our dedicated controlling staff is well trained, making sure to fulfill all the customer needs.

However, when a booking is canceled with short notice it can be very difficult to handle the situation with the driver who suffers and pays for it, due to waste of fuel, time, parking charges, etc.

  • Between 12 and 6 hours before pick-up time = 50% of the journey price
  • Between 6 hours and up to the pick-up time = 100% of the journey price
  • A refund for the booking is not applicable if the passenger is uncontactable at the time of pickup.
  • No refund will be made if the driver is dispatched or already on route for pickup.
  • A bank fee of a Minimum of £5 will be applicable on the refundable booking it may be different depending on the booking amount.